programs and strategies

A collection of links to plans, programs, and toolkits for alley development and activation.

The Center for Active Design: Promoting Health Through Design

Melbourne AU: Love Your Laneway Program

Melbourne AU: Love Your Laneway Framework

San Francisco CA Planning Department: Market Octavia Living Alleys Program

Seattle WA: Integrated Alley Handbook, Activating Alleys for a Lively City (PDF format)

Seattle WA: A Plan for Evolving the University District’s Alleys (PDF format)

Longmont CO: Alleyscape Incentive Program

Vancouver BC: Laneway Housing Guide

Vancouver BC: West End Laneways 2.0 (PDF format)

Dubuque IA: Green Alley Reconstruction

Austin TX: S.M.A.R.T. Housing Policy Resource Guide, Green Building Program Rating Requirements met by Austin Alley Flat Initiative (PDF format)

Fort Collins CO: DDA Downtown Alley Enhancement Project

St Louis MO: Permeable Pavement Alley Pilot and Pervious Surfaces Community Tools (PDF format)

St Louis MO: Convert Hardscape Areas To Pervious Surfaces

Chicago IL: Green Alleys Program

Chicago IL: Green Alleys Handbook (PDF format)

EPA G3: Partnership and Academy, Green Streets – Green Towns – Green Jobs